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I just printed out the Small Show perspective and noticed it says Registration is closed but then says Registration opens October 1st. Please tell me it isn’t already closed! Thank you.

Hello. I wasn’t sure if you would still accepting applications for the Bon Voyage show January 3rd registration. It says on your website that it is full, but I was a bit confused because it said that registration starts on the 3rd January. I was looking forward to applying for the Bon Voyage show Could you please advise. P.S. My website needs to be updated. I’d be more than happy to bring in my work. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Hi Ann,
I have corrected the website information and I apologize for the confusion. Registration opens on January 3,2024 and closes January 24,2024. There will be a ā€œregistration ā€œ button available at that time.

Thank you!

Hi Ryan,
Students are certainly welcome to submit artwork. Pieces are selected by a jury committee. Registration for Cape Fear Landmarks, our upcoming show , starts on June 1st.

I had no idea about this place until I saw a friend of mine on Instagram posted about her piece being in the exhibition. It was absolutely beautiful, I have to go see it! Is registry for the exhibition open every spring? If possible Iā€™d love to try to get one of my pieces in next year

Hi Amelia,
You may submit to the WAA gallery window at Gallery Citrine if you are a member of the WAA. Check out their website for more details!

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