Shayne Greco

Shayne Greco hails from New Jersey. He attended Savannah College of Art and Design, and has lived in the South and on the Southeast coast ever since. Shayne built his business from the ground up and started by showing his work in galleries all over the Southeast, He now sells his work in retail home, art, and design stores all over the U.S. and overseas. Shayne’s talents were honed and nurtured by his teachers, from childhood through college. “I was encouraged as a youth to express creativity through many diverse mediums. From paper mach’e fish while summering on the east coast to pastel drawings of the winter sunrise over the Colorado mountains, I was blessed to be exposed to so many different forms of artistic expression.” Shayne insists his greatest inspirations were his high school art teachers, who truly encouraged him to experiment freely. “They really let me have free reign and encouraged me to experiment in so many different forms.  It was the most explosive learning period in my life. My projects ranged from mixed paintings of sliced up canvas, to massive outdoor ceramic sawdust firings (which were a disaster by the way!)” Disaster or not, Shayne learned from every experiment, and his ability to manipulate each individual medium in his own way developed into what is now a successful career. Shayne now a resides in Wilmington NC after moving from Savannah, GA. “I have always appreciated the uniqueness of the coast from the way the sun reflects bright pastel colors to the unusual animal life that surround the beaches. Much of my work in ceramics reflects the distinctive attributes of the ocean.” He says, “I love combining  functioning vessels with sculpture. I view the vessel as a base or blank canvas for the sculpture. When asked if there is any meaning behind his work, his response has always been, “My goal is to make an elegant, flowing, beautiful piece of art. There is nothing conceptual about it. If your eyes travel freely around my vessel and never find a stopping point then I have succeeded.  Shayne hopes his works of art are used as statement pieces. “Not only can you display them throughout your home, but you can serve from them at your next dinner party! Pour from a seahorse pitcher at your next cocktail mixer. Serve calamari from an octopus bowl! They can be conversation starters as well as functional art.”