Exhibiting Artist


My name is Robin Jones and I am debuting my first solo art show at Gallery Citrine from July 30th to September 26th. The show is titled, “My 100 Day Emotional Journey.” I would love to be able to get on your calendar for upcoming events. The opening reception will take place on July 30th from 6-8pm.

We all go through seasons of life where hope feels hard to find. Tragedy, heartbreak, or illness can often strike when we least expect and leave us feeling stuck. Towards the end of an already difficult year, my mother passed away. Our relationship was complex, as so many mother-daughter relationships are, but I was completely emotionally unprepared to lose her.


In the weeks following, I found myself struggling to manage the grief of losing a parent while working through other complicated emotions. During this time I leaned on friends for support, and began journaling daily. Also during this time, I stumbled across an “emotional color wheel” that assigned various emotions a color, and an idea struck. On February 4th, 2021, I began my “100 Day Emotional Journey.” For 100 days, I created an 8×8 tile for each day glazed with the color associated with my journal’s emotions for that day. Now, my emotions during those 100 days have created a magical display that ranges from dark, sad colors to bright, happy ones.