Sue Cunningham

Amy Gibson


Amy Gibson grew up in Alliance Ohio and became interested in art at an early age.  She started attending semi private painting classes in the fifth grade and continued into high school. Am received her BFA in 1999 from the University of Akron with a focus on painting. Her work focuses on contemporary portraiture and still life.  Amy is best known for her rich color and tonal Hyperrealistic portraits that portray the complex human disposition.  Her paintings have been in group shows through PoetsArtists, The Allied Artists of America, AnArte Gallery and Bold Brush.  Amy currently lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Artist Statement

My work is about exploring the different aspects of the human disposition.Painting people who are close to me such as my friends and family, allows me to have a better understanding of them. I am also bringing the viewer in to experience their sober mood and their quirkiness. Hopefully by doing this they will be able to explore the painting and connect to it by finding a little piece of themselves in it. Taking the time to stop and get to know someone is something I am trying to do more of. I really feel it is important especially in such a divisive time we are living in.